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Life of Horror

by Rage of Devils

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GS A flawless display of raw black metal with an aggressive streak that keeps you coming back for more
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AntiMozdeBeast Incredible work from Rage of Devils! Everything about this album is great! The vocals seem to be something that creeps into your mind and escape through the soul. The instrumentals aren’t short of successfully accomplishing the same! Killer album Favorite track: Here To Do The Devil's Work.
Lilith Van Dyke
Lilith Van Dyke thumbnail
Lilith Van Dyke I need a lot more queer black metal in my life. Until that day comes, there's Rage of Devils to provide the queer fury that I need. Favorite track: Here To Do The Devil's Work.
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Infernal plague sent by God for to punish us Young and old alike we breathe in his love for us Whole world in his hands turning black like a rotten apple Satan is pleased hark now hear him crow and cackle Try to escape wear a mask better stay inside Burning eyes burning hands stalk you as you try to hide Wrath of God on the earth brought forth by corrupted men Wipe us all from the planet kill us all and start again King of Kings Lord of Lords Lord of Misery Lord of Death King of Kings Lord of Lords Lord of Misery Lord of Death
Music for the outsider music for the left behind Oh you want to keep us out? Like to see you fucking try Corpsepaint and nail polish black rainbows in the sky We are queer, we are here Love black metal till we die QUEER AS IN FUCK YOU QUEER AS IN FUCK YOU Hate me all you want I'll just keep on playing Voice from Hell, riffs of ice I'll just keep on slaying Drumbeats to your skull bass to crush your bones Reveling in your sweet tears exulting in your groans
Lightning flashes thunder crashes sky it blackens we are coming Mountains breaking ground is quaking strong men shaking get to running Full of hatred at this place it cant be saved it's time to die Went and fucked up now your luck's up pick this truck up let it fly Here to destroy Here to burn Here to crush Here to ruin Here to kill Here to rip Here to tear Here to do the Devil's work Men are bleeding women fleeing children screaming from the Beast We are vicious flesh delicious you enrich us as we feast Teeth are dark claws are sharp rip apart those full of sin Causing pain for your shame marks of Cain upon your skin Your howls a dirge our nails a scourge darkness surges towards the end Cruel in life you face our bite farewell to light as you lament Cutting, slashing ripping gashing laughing lashing you can't run You are fallen lying all in red we're calling mandkind's done Here to destroy Here to burn Here to crush Here to ruin Here to kill Here to rip Here to tear Here to do the Devil's work Here to destroy Here to burn Here to crush Here to ruin Here to kill Here to rip Here to tear Here to do the Devil's work
Ghouls 03:45
Those on high spewing lies The government wants you dead Profiting Golden rings on the hands around your throat Bleeding you Cheating you Gorging on your ill health Soul of bone Heart of stone Gouging you out of your life IT IS IMMORAL TO MAKE ONE PAY FOR SOMETHING THEY NEED TO SURVIVE Gleaming gold in their hold In the grasp of companies Rotting grip Fingertips pulling strings around the world Hate you all Let you fall straight into the pits of Hell They won't change unless they're made Burn it down around their ears
Time To Riot 02:50
LET'S GO Time to riot Time to break shit We ain't civil we're just pissed Fuck the white house Fuck the law Fuck the police and their dogs Light it up Cars alight Sirens wailing through the night BURN Broken system for the rich They all hate you you're their bitch Gilded top Base of shit Pyramid made of the sick Trickle down Wet with piss On your face Leather kiss Broken glass Pavement face Grind their head in their disgrace Guillotines Hang em high Dark example for their lies Bone white tomb Long lost dream Drink their blood Hear their screams FAILED Ghost country It is done America your course is run Putrid hill Your shine is gone Never was Forgotten song By the rich for the rich Rip it down in a ditch
Come forth I looked and there was a white horse And his rider had a bow He was given a crown and he rode forth victorious to further his victories Come forth Another horse, a red one Rider with power to take peace away from the earth so that people would slaughter Given a huge sword Come forth A horse, a black one Rider with a scale in his hand Voices in the midst Voices in the midst Voices in the midst Come forth A horse, a green one Rider named Death Hell followed with him Quarter of the Earth Sword, famine, plague Then I watched As he broke open the sixth seal And there was a great earthquake And the sun turned as black as dark sackcloth The moon became like blood The stars in the sky fell to earth like unripe figs Then the sky was divided like a torn scroll curling up and every mountain and island was moved from its place The kings of the earth the nobles, the officers the rich, the powerful, and every slave and free person hid themselves in caves and among mountain crags They cried out
Eyes bleeding Pus seeping Voices screaming God is near Skin crawling Fire falling Heralds calling Death is here I have looked upon the face of the Lord and seen damnation He comes down from on high to cleanse with blood this wretched nation Bright it shines like hellfire Burning eyes wicked teeth What manner of deity is this? Be you Jehovah or Belial O frightful angel? Bringer of plagues Giver of despots You did this to us now take it back
Once a boy now a girl Oh to live in a genderless world One life or death You must live it free Why to chose stick just to a role Change as I wish That is my goal Fuck all you all who would criticize me My life, my death I will spend it free Raise the stakes Cast off your shackles Replace them with wings fly high as a castle Live as I am that is my oath Love my life and what it becomes There is no point staying under the thumb of what they expect what they require To Hell with gender Let it expire
Waste 03:08
Forms decay Looming grave Drift away Skin turns gray Devouring everything Time's swift wing brings death Look in the mirror and see your eventual end So many wasted hours So little time to spend So little time to live So little time to love So little time for joy So little time above Things that creep Digging deep Underneath you will sleep Evermore Earthen floor Spirits roar You're theirs Look at your coffin and see your eventual fate So many wasted hours So much time on hate So much time to judge So much time to scoff So much time to loathe To bile you pledged your troth In the dirt Eating earth No more worth Fruitless search Couldn't find what made life kind No sunshine in death Look at the meadow and see joy in the now and here So many hours left So many things made clear So many things to learn So many things to see So many things to find So many times to breathe Use your eyes See the sky Dispelling lies Yoyful cries Appreciate the life you make For your own sake live well


released February 3, 2021

Tracks 2-10 written, recorded, and mixed by Erin Palmer
Tracks 1 and 11 written and performed by Jenn Taiga
Album mastered by Sarah Allen Reed
Album art by Misha Mono
Logo by Sludgework


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